Used Restaurant Equipment in Northern California

Specializing in Restaurant Equipment in Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose

Used Restaurant Equipment California A very big aspect of opening a restaurant in Sacramento is the restaurant equipment. You have many choices of different pieces of equipment. Choices of new and used restaurant equipment will make or break your restaurant budget. When you begin shopping around for new and used restaurant equipment in Sacramento , you will come to realize how expensive new equipment really is. Scott Reed Used Restaurant Equipment Division has a keen eye for the best pieces of equipment to save you money. Choosing used restaurant equipment can save thousands of dollars.

We specialize in all aspects of restaurant equipment

Ranges, Fryers, Grills, Ovens: Convection ovens, Pizza deck ovens, Rollin rack ovens, Ventless ovens. Refrigeration, walk in coolers and freezers, Reaching refrigerators and freezers. Type I and Type II Hood systems. Stainless steel tables and sinks, Specialty cooking equipment, Custom stainless steel fabrication, that was cooking equipment.

We do not buy restaurant equipment in Sacramento that has been used for more than 2-3 years. When buying used restaurant equipment at auctions we ask how many years of use the equipment went through. With a used equipment you will save thousands on your next venture in the restaurant industry.

Benefits of Used Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

  • Used Restaurant Kitchen equipment will save you thousands in capitol starting a restaurant.
  • High restaurant failure rate leads to restaurant kitchen equipment only being in service for around two years.(We have done our homework and find only the best equipment for you. We examine everything; rust, missing parts, Ect. Sometime we can even get you a warranty on equipment that is not too old.)
  • Previous Sacramento restaurant owners that have used restaurant equipment are open to kitchen equipment negotiations.

We are closely connected with the following:

Sacramento Used Equipment Dealers

  • We look closely for used restaurant equipment that comes with any certifications or guarantees of functionality.

Sacramento Restaurant Auctions

  • This makes it easy to find used restaurant equipment that has only been gently used.

Sacramento Restaurant Closing Restaurants

  • We are connected with thousands of restaurants in the area.

Why RRC can lower the cost of your Restaurant Equipment package.

  1. Our cost-effective kitchen design works with you in keeping the kitchen flow effective and specifying the right equipment that will keep your project budget in line. 
  2. RRC knows equipment options that save money without sacrificing quality. 
  3. RRC provides an equipment budget that you will approve while in the design phase. This helps maintain our total project budget.