Restaurant Consulting Services


Trust Scott Reed’s Restaurant Consulting team to start or save your restaurant!

Restaurant Rescue

Save your restaurant before its too late! The success rate for a new restaurant is very slim. If you are an operator who has been in business for more than three years, congratulations you are above average.  Now is the time to examine all aspects of your business.

Restaurant Start-Up

Find out what it takes for a Start-Up. If you are one of the many people in the world looking to open or start a restaurant in California there are many areas that take careful consideration. Many people have certain skills that will allow them to open a successful restaurant, however some of the more important ones may include things that you never even thought about.

Restaurant Feasibility

Overall Evaluation of your restaurant. We define areas from which you expect to draw customers (primary, secondary and tertiary trade areas) as well as provide demographic analysis — age, income, wealth, education, employment rate, etc to determine the feasibility of profit and ROI for your restaurant.

Restaurant Equipment

Equipment Placement and Layout. A very big aspect of opening a restaurant in California is the restaurant equipment. You have many choices of different pieces of equipment. Choices of new and used restaurant equipment will make or break your restaurant budget. Contact our expert team of equipment placement experts and increase your bottom line profit through accelerated performance and operation costs.