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I wanted to thank you for your help on the McMinnville project with Mosaic management. I appreciated your responsiveness and your willingness to work through the design solutions with Doug. We are getting ready for permit release soon, and construction should be underway by summer.
Once again, it was good working with you and I look forward to teaming up again!


Aaron C.


Please feel free to share the following with potential customers.  They can also contact me directly as well.

To whom it may concern,

Scott Reed with Restaurant Assets and Design is currently providing design, procurement and installation of the commercial kitchen in our 66 unit senior housing project.  The project is comprised of 50 units of assisted living and 16 units of Alzheimer’s care.  The building will expand to 92 units.

Scott has been a Godsend to our project stream with his ability to problem solve and develop Value Engineering alternatives that meet stringent specifications while realizing substantial cost savings. Restaurant Assets and Design (R.A.A.D.) has worked smoothly and efficiently with our design professionals, architect and engineers.

We are in the process of developing, building, owning and operating 40+ senior housing projects in eleven Western States.  Scott’s team will be intimately involved in all our projects moving forward.  I personally recommended his services to a long term business associate in the Portland Metro area. They have a 48 unit memory care building under construction.  They are thrilled to have Scott as a part of their team as well.

In a previous business endeavor I was involved building Senior Housing Projects in 38 States and have used Restaurant Supply / Commercial Kitchen companies on a nationwide platform.  Many firms perform well, as Scott’s team does. What separates Scott from his competition is excellent customer service, superb communication skills, and a pricing structure that cannot be beat.  R.A.A.D. is our vendor of choice, period.  I have recommended his services to regional senior housing operators in the Western United States and will continue to do so on a regular basis.

My grandfather always said “you get what you pay for”, I would expand that to say “with Scott and R.A.A.D., you always get more than you pay for.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via cell phone or email.

Good luck with your projects,

Doug T.