Restaurant Feasibility Evaluation


Before making a Financial investment in a location. we recommend that a feasibility study that can include, schematic design along with equipment and construction budget. 

When you know approximately what the costs are going to be, you can make decisions that will keep you on budget and give you a study that could be used in the lease negotiations with your potential landlord. 


Feasibility Questionnaire – We do the research to ensure you will Succeed!

Specializing in California including Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and beyond!

  • Define areas from which you expect to draw customers (primary, secondary and tertiary trade areas)
  • Provide Demographic analysis — age, income, wealth, education, employment rate, etc.
  • Provide analysis of local population attributes such as lifestyle, culture, employment diversity and stability, etc.
  • Describe what you noticed while taking a tour of the selected site(s) and the local area. This should include an analysis of Views (is that a junk yard across the street just down the block?)Smells (is that a paper mill nearby?)Noise (too close to a rowdy biker bar?) Pollution (half a block away from a cement factory?)
  • Provide an analysis of other restaurants in the target areas to uncover potential missed opportunities or threats .
  • Identify and analize direct and indirect competitors
  • Analize local traffic volume, traffic patterns, and parking capacity. The analysis should cover both opportunities and threats (ie. major construction down the street?)
  • Define and analize the ideal and likely customer profile(s)
  • Provide analysis of local restaurant sales performance compared to regional or national averages
  • Provide High level pro-forma financial analysis (buildout, lease, equipment, staffing, taxes, liquor license, marketing expenses, revenues)