Restaurant Feasibility Evaluation


Feasibility Questionnaire – We do the research to ensure you will Succeed!

Specializing in California including Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and beyond!

  • Define areas from which you expect to draw customers (primary, secondary and tertiary trade areas)
  • Provide Demographic analysis — age, income, wealth, education, employment rate, etc.
  • Provide analysis of local population attributes such as lifestyle, culture, employment diversity and stability, etc.
  • Describe what you noticed while taking a tour of the selected site(s) and the local area. This should include an analysis of Views (is that a junk yard across the street just down the block?)Smells (is that a paper mill nearby?)Noise (too close to a rowdy biker bar?) Pollution (half a block away from a cement factory?)
  • Provide an analysis of other restaurants in the target areas to uncover potential missed opportunities or threats .
  • Identify and analize direct and indirect competitors
  • Analize local traffic volume, traffic patterns, and parking capacity. The analysis should cover both opportunities and threats (ie. major construction down the street?)
  • Define and analize the ideal and likely customer profile(s)
  • Provide analysis of local restaurant sales performance compared to regional or national averages
  • Provide High level pro-forma financial analysis (buildout, lease, equipment, staffing, taxes, liquor license, marketing expenses, revenues)